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What size is your pool? The pool is a 14 ft x 24 ft, 9,000 gallon salt water system. We have enough space for the big dogs to stretch out without intimidating the little dogs. Your dog may enter the pool using the stairs or the ramp, whichever they prefer.

How many other dogs will be there when my dog is swimming? None! Your appointment is private and your time only. We understand that not all dogs enjoy the company of other dogs. Lots of our swimmers are selective, reactive, or maybe just don't want to share toys. You don't have to worry about that here. There is a slight chance that the swimmer scheduled after your swim will arrive early and may be in the waiting room. Please let us know if that will be a problem and we will adjust accordingly. Our clients are very understanding about this!

Can I get in the pool with my dog? No human under 18 years old is allowed in the pool. And for all humans, during the first swim, no. We need to assess your dog’s swimming ability without interference. Once your dog is completely comfortable in the water, owners may get in if they want. However, we find that most owners are really more comfortable sitting on the steps or platform to throw the toy for their dog.

Can I take photos and/or videos? Yes, pictures and short videos are just fine! I simply ask that you notify me when you are taking photos or videos, Please tag the pool's Facebook or Instagram pages when you post too!

What do I need to bring with me? We provide jackets, water toys, and towels so all you need to bring is your dog and a smile! If your dog has a favorite toy that you think may help motivate them, you can bring it if you‘d like but it is not necessary.

Does my dog have to wear a life jacket? On the first swim, yes. Safety is priority number one and all dogs must wear jackets until their swimming ability can be assessed. Once they are comfortable in the water, most dogs will graduate out of the jacket. For the older and mobility impaired dogs, they generally continue using the jacket. It’s easier on them and makes swimming more enjoyable.

How much is a swim session? Please visit the Pricing page.

What if I need to cancel my appointment? We ask that 24-hour cancellation notice is given for all swim visits. This gives us plenty of time to rearrange the schedule as needed and not inconvenience any other swimmers. If notice is not provided or the appointment is missed, 50% of the scheduled visit’s cost will be charged on your next visit.

Can I bring my family and friends? It is best for your dog's first appointment that just the immediate owners bring the dog. Kids, extended family, and friends can interfere with the necessary calm that I strive for on the first visit. Once your dog is comfortable swimming, feel free to invite a friend.

My dog is dirty from playing in my yard. Is that ok? Not really... Please make sure your dog is clean when they come to swim. This is a pool, not a bath. Dirt and debris add to the load on the filter. If a dog is excessively dirty, I will ask you to rinse them off before entering the pool and it will cut into your dog's swim time.

Can I stop by during business hours to see the pool/watch another dog swim? No, I'm sorry. I need to devote all of my energy to the dog in the pool. If we are interrupted, I am not doing my job properly. But I am more than happy to schedule a time for you to stop by and tour. Please let me know if you'd like to see the pool before bringing your dog.

What should I wear? Clothes and shoes that are comfortable and will dry easily are best. There is a strong chance you will get splashed or your dog will shake off near you. The building is warm and humid all year, so even in the winter it is 75-80° inside.

Can my dog have a birthday party at the pool? Of course! We love birthdays (all parties really)! It is best if all of the birthday guests know each other and know how to swim, but we can accommodate all dogs.

Do dogs ever poop in the pool? Yes, unfortunately accidents happen and the pool must be shut down for 24hrs for proper sanitation. It is incredibly important that your dog uses the bathroom before swimming. It is a major inconvenience to the other swimmers who were scheduled after your dog that day, and the following day, as well as to our business for those two days. Please avoid feeding new or unusual food or treats for a day or two before your scheduled swim to help avoid an accident. Always let us know if your dog isn’t feeling well on the day of their swim. We would much rather reschedule than have an accident. A cleaning fee may be imposed.

My dog is in heat - can she still come to swim? No. While we would love to help you exercise your dog while she is in a hormone surge, we cannot accept dogs who are in an active heat cycle. Once the 21-day cycle has passed, please do schedule her for a swim as a reward!

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