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Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is excellent exercise for most dogs, but particularly high-energy breeds that need as many outlets as possible for their boundless enthusiasm for life! If your regular walks or yard play are not enough for your dog, swimming can provide that extra edge to help your dog feel as healthy and happy as possible.

Many veterinarians also recommend swimming for dogs who are in need of physical rehabilitation, strength building, or weight loss. The natural buoyancy of salt water greatly reduces stress on their joints, allowing gentle range of motion and reducing pain while providing the resistance needed for muscle strengthening.

Additional benefits of swimming include increased circulation and flexibility, greater endurance, and confidence building. Conditions that generally see improvement from aquatic therapy include degenerative myelopathy, hip and/or elbow dysplasia, spinal injury, and arthritis.

Consult your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet.


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